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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees for tax preparation?

Our tax return fees generally depend on the complexity of the tax return. Clients with well organized records who need minimal assistance reconciling their crypto transactions tend to fall in the range of $750-$1,200.  Clients who need considerable help organizing, compiling, and reconciling their transactions tend to be in the range of $1,500 – $2,200.

You can review our fee schedule and learn more about our typical fee ranges here.

Can you prepare my state tax return?

Yes, we can prepare tax returns in all 50 states. We have clients in nearly every state in the country and can help you no matter where you live. Some states where we already have clients and have already filed income tax returns include:

  • California
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Massachussetts
  • Colorado

Will you treat my trades as like-kind exchanges under Section 1031?

The qualification of cryptocurrency as “like-kind property” under Section 1031 is highly uncertain. We generally believe there is sufficient legal authority to treat crypto-to-crypto trades as like-kind exchanges, but we must caution clients that the IRS may disagree and could assess additional taxes, penalties, and interest.

If you are interested in treating your crypto-to-crypto trades as like-kind exchanges, please let us know at the time you sign up for our tax preparation services. Also, please note that the added complexity of preparing a tax return with like-kind exchanges generally increase the tax preparation fee by approximately $2,500.

Are you a CPA?

Tyson Cross is a tax attorney, not a CPA. However, we always have one or more CPAs on staff to assist with tax preparation, and Tyson is more than qualified to prepare tax returns himself. He holds the highest educational degree available in tax law and has prepared nearly a thousand crypto-related tax returns.

Why choose you?

When it comes to crypto taxes, experience is critical. Tyson Cross was one of the first tax professionals to specialize in cryptocurrency and has helped clients with every conceivable crypto tax issue.

More importantly, Tyson is not just in it for tax season. Since buying his first bitcoin in 2013, Tyson has remained active in the cryptocurrency space. He has a full crypto portfolio and has personally traded on all of the major exchanges, in addition to making investments in over a dozen ICOs. This gives Tyson an insight into the issues that cryptocurrency investors face that few other tax professionals can offer.

How do I hire you to prepare my taxes?

Here are the steps to becoming a client of our firm:

Step 1: Fill out our Client Intake Form (available upon your request)

Step 2: Pay the $500 deposit

Step 3: Sign our Legal Services Agreement

Step 4: Upload your tax documents to our secure client portal

If you’re ready to get started, go here to request the Client Intake Form.

How does your tax preparation process work?

We’ve developed a streamlined process for preparing tax returns for our clients. Once you become a client of the firm, you’ll be given a unique login for our client portal, where you can upload your tax documents and other relevant information.

We’ll review the documentation and let you know if anything further is required. We’ll also schedule a 15 minute phone call with you to discuss your tax situation and make sure we have everything we need to prepare your tax return.

At this point, we prepare your tax return and notify you when a draft copy is available in the portal for your review. Upon your approval, you can electronically sign the tax return before we e-file it. We’re available at any step in the process if you have questions or concerns about your tax return preparation.