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Tax Preparation Fees

We believe in honest, transparent, flat-fee pricing. All our prices are listed openly for you to review and understand before you engage with us. We even created a price calculator to make it as easy as possible for you to get an accurate estimate of our tax preparation fees.

Other firms charge by the hour for tax return preparation and will certainly bill you for the time they spend researching the tax law and figuring out how it applies to cryptocurrency. Not us. We already know the cryptocurrency tax laws inside and out, so we can offer you a more favorable flat fee arrangement for preparing your tax return.

Our Tax Fees

Our flat fee tax preparation starts with a federal package that includes the most commonly filed forms. We then charge extra fees for add-ons and extra filings. This way, you only pay for what you need. See below for the Federal Package pricing and add-on items.

Federal Package: $750

The Federal Package includes:

  • Form 1040
  • Schedules A (itemized deductions)
  • Schedule B (interest and dividends)
  • Schedule D (capital gains) and Form 8949 for all cryptocurrency trades, plus up to 25 brokerage trades (stocks, options, bonds, etc.)

State income tax returns can be added to the Federal Package for $100 per state.

Crypto Gains Package: $250+

The Crypto Gains Package is an optional service we offer to clients who need assistance calculating their crypto gains. We will reconcile your cryptocurrency transactions and calculate your capital gain or loss. Pricing depends on how many exchanges you used during the year and your total number of trades. This package can be purchased alone (in the case of clients who are filing their own taxes or have another accountant preparing their tax return) or as an add in to the Federal Package.

  • Up to 2 exchanges and less than 1,000 trades: $250
  • Up to 5 exchanges and less than 5,000 trades: $750
  • Up to 10 exchanges and less than 10,000 trades: $1,500
  • Up to 15 exchanges and less than 30,000 trades: $3,000
  • More than 15 exchanges or 30,000 trades: Price TBD

Please note there is an extra charge of $500 if your trading activity included futures on Bitmex or another exchange (up to 1,000 futures trades).

Add-ons: $75+

The following types of income require additional forms that are not included in the Federal Package flat fee:

  • Self-Employment Income (Schedule C): $200 per business activity
  • Brokerage Transactions (Schedule D): Trades of stocks, bonds, or other securities
    • 0-25 Trades: $0.00 (included with Federal Package)
    • 26-100 Trades: $150
    • 101-200 Trades: $300
    • 201-300 Trades: $400
  • Rental Income (Schedule E): $150 per rental property
  • K-1 Income (Schedule E): $75 per K-1
  • Other Income (mining, staking, hardforks, etc.): $50 per item

Foreign Accounts & Income: $150+

Foreign account reporting is not included in the price of the Federal Package flat fee:

  • FBAR: $200 (up to 5 accounts, $50 per additional account)
  • Form 8938: $200 (up to 5 accounts, $50 per additional account)
  • Form 2555 (foreign earned income exclusion): $250
  • Foreign tax credit: $75

Visit our pricing calculator to generate a free and easy estimate using our flat fee pricing.