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What documents do we need for calculating your crypto gains?

working with cpa on crypto gains calculation

This article provides information on the documents we’ll need in order to calculate your crypto gains and other income. Not every document listed below will apply to your situation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Crypto Gains

In order to calculate your crypto gains, we need the transaction history from each exchange where you’ve bought, sold, or traded cryptocurrency. If this is your first year working with us, then we need these exchange reports going all the way back to your very first crypto purchase. This is because we have to start with “year zero” and then roll the numbers forward all the way to the present. This is the only way to get an accurate calculation of your crypto gains.

Please following these instructions for generating the correct report from each exchange:

Go to “Account” -> “Reports”, click on “Trade History,” select date range and download csv

Go to “Orders”, and then click on the “Load All” button in the bottom right (do not click on the “CSV” button). The report will download automatically.

Go to Orders -> Trade History, then click on ‘Export Complete Trade History’ at the top right corner.

Go Tools -> Reports -> “New Report”, then select the account and set the type to “Buys, Sells, and Merchant Payouts.” Set the time range to “All history”. Next, click on the Create Report button. Once your report is ready, download it to your computer. Unfortunately Coinbase does not list all trades in one file. You will have to repeat those steps for all your wallets listed in the Account dropdown (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc).

Exchange -> Trade History -> Export page to csv

Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX)
At the top of the page, click on “My Orders” and click “Fills”. Click Download Receipt/Statement, then select the various options for the report as follows. Set “Product” to BTC-USD. Note: You’ll have to download a separate statement for each product (BTC-USD, ETH-USD, ETH-BTC etc.). For “Start Date” check the box for Custom Time Range and set it as far back as your account has been open. Set “Format” to csv. You will receive your CSV file by email. Save it to your PC.

Download the transaction_history.xlsx

Reports -> My Trades, select Date range, Market, and Side, then “Export” as csv file.

Go to History -> Export, select ledgers from the dropdown, and set time period to ALL in the Field Checkbox.

E-wallet -> “Transaction History” and download as csv

Go to the menu option “Account” and then “Transactions”. Choose “All” in the filter and set the time period accordingly. Click “Export” in the upper right table corner.

Go to “Orders” -> “My Trade History & Analysis” in the top navigation, then click on “Export Complete Trade History” in the top right corner.

Are we missing an exchange or are any of the instructions out of date? Please contact us to discuss. 

If you have transactions that occurred off-exchange, then please provide a csv file with a list of all these transactions. The file should have the following columns: Date, Quantity, Symbol, Order Type, Price, Currency, Fee, FeeCurrency. 

Mining Income

If you mined or staked crypto, we will also need a report of all your mining or staking rewards. The list should be provided as a csv file and include the date, quantity, and symbol of the reward. An export from your mining pool or wallet is fine so long as it contains the specified information. Deposits or transfers that are not mining rewards or payouts should be removed.

Other Transactions

We also need a list of all your other crypto transactions, including:

  • Purchases of goods/services using crypto
  • Hacked, lost, or stolen coins
  • Payments received in crypto for sales of goods/services
  • Gifts or other transfers
  • ICO investments

For each of these transaction types, please provide the Date, Symbol, Type, Price, and Quantity.

If you have questions or aren’t sure about what to provide, please reach out for further assistance.


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