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You don’t need us to tell you that compliance with the law is hard if you’re a cryptocurrency user, investor, or entrepreneur. Legal pitfalls are everywhere, and navigating them can sometimes feel impossible.  We work with all types of people and businesses to help them overcome the obstacles blocking effective compliance. And we provide the kind of thought leadership and guidance that will inspire and encourage their continued success.

In New York City in 2012, a young tax attorney named Tyson Cross stumbled across an article in Wired Magazine titled “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin.” He was immediately convinced of the disruptive potential that bitcoin held, but was also struck by myriad of legal issues that faced it’s growth and widespread adoption.

Around this time, Tyson relocated to California and began thinking of ways that he could help make it easier for bitcoin users and investors to comply with the tax code. After two years of fruitless efforts, Tyson authored a post on Reddit.com that gave an exhaustive review of the tax treatment of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The post generated thousands of comments and hundreds of inquiries from people and businesses desperate for help with complying with US and state tax laws.

Since then, Tyson has continued to help educate the bitcoin community as a featured commentator for leading publications like Forbes, Business Week, Bloomberg, and Coindesk. In 2014, Tyson left Southern California to return home to Reno, Nevada, where is founded Cross Law Group. To date, Tyson has helped thousands of clients navigate the complex tax and regulatory issues surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Location: Reno, Nevada

Phone: (775) 376-7306

Fax: (775) 490-1436

Email: tyson@crosslawgroup.com

Professional Biography

Tyson is one of the leading authorities on cryptocurrency taxation and regulation. Licensed in California and Nevada, Tyson helps clients in all 50 states with federal tax and regulatory matters. Prior to opening his own law office, Tyson worked for a boutique tax law firm in San Diego, California where he represented clients in routine and multi-million dollar tax matters. Tyson’s other practice areas include estate planning and asset protection.


Prior to entering private practice, Tyson earned a Masters of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law, the nation’s highest ranked and most prestigious tax law program. Tyson graduated law school near the top of his class from the Boyd School of Law at UNLV, where he was an editor of the Gaming Law Journal and president of the Nevada Justice Association. While in law school, Tyson was given the CALI Award for Excellence in estate planning, real estate transactional drafting, and property law. Tyson hold a bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno with a minor in Economic Policy.

We provide a range of services that are appropriate for every size investor and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency space.

  • We help prepare federal and state tax returns in all 50 states, including the calculation of capital gains using FIFO or LIFO
  • We help businesses meet their compliance requirements with federal anti-money laundering laws.
  • We provide formal written opinion letters on tax issues that need some added certainty
  • We help early adopters with asset protection and tax planning strategies.

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