Our Services

Tax Preparation

As one of the first law firms to offer tax preparation for bitcoin related income, Cross Law has one of the most experienced tax preparation departments in the country.  We began preparing tax returns in 2013 and have dealt with nearly every issue related to the taxation of bitcoin, including… [Read More]

AML Compliance

Compliance with US Anti-Money Laundering laws is quickly becoming the biggest issue facing the bitcoin industry. Cross Law has experience in helping businesses navigate the complexity of federal anti-money laundering laws. We help client draft and implement AML Policies that safeguard against unintentional violations of US AML laws and regulations. [Read More]

Tax Consultation

Because many bitcoin investors and miners prefer to prepare their own taxes but are uncertain about how to do it correctly, Cross Law offers a one hour consultation service where you can get answers to all of your questions about the taxation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  This allows you — if you choose — to prepare your tax return yourself with confidence and peace of mind. [Read More]