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Bitcoin Taxes

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Our Bitcoin Tax Solutions

Cross law is the only law firm that specializes in the taxation of bitcoin and other virtual currencies.  Tax attorney Tyson Cross helps individuals and businesses with all types of bitcoin taxes.  Regardless of where you live, we can help you.

Some specific areas where we help clients include:

  • Tax preparation (Federal and all 50 states),
  • Tax planning & record keeping,
  • Anti-money laundering compliance.

Learn more about us and our bitcoin tax solutions. To get help with bitcoin taxes and related issues, contact us today.

Our Bitcoin Tax Attorney

I’m Tyson P. Cross, tax attorney and founder of Cross Law.  Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about me and the bitcoin tax solutions my law firm offers.

I first learned about cryptocurrencies in early 2012 when I came across a law review article discussing their legal uncertainties. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to recognize their potential investment opportunity, although I admired their possible application in the banking and finance industries. It wasn’t until spring of 2013 that really took a professional interest in bitcoins from a tax perspective. I spent the next ten months exhaustively researching the proper tax treatment of bitcoins and ended up developing a real passion for this area of the tax law.  Since then, I’ve help numerous bitcoin miners, investors, and businesses with tax preparation and compliance issues.  Read more about me.

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